Ibn Tofail University Students Shine in the Field of Artificial Intelligence, Winning First Prize in Think AI Morocco Hackathon

The hackathon “Think AI Morocco” has taken the Moroccan scene by storm since its launch on May 16th, bringing together 25 teams of brilliant students selected from among 141 applications from various Moroccan schools and universities. Organized by the 1337 AI club and the Math & Morocco association, this event showcased the creativity and artificial intelligence skills of the participants through a series of stimulating and innovative challenges. The event attracted students from diverse academic backgrounds, ranging from computer science to mathematics to engineering. This diversity brought together unique and complementary perspectives, fostering collaboration and peer learning.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a driving force for innovation globally, and Morocco is no exception. The “Think AI Morocco” hackathon is a vivid demonstration of this enthusiasm for AI among Moroccan youth, providing a platform to develop innovative solutions to contemporary challenges through practical applications of AI.

The hackathon was designed to be both educational and competitive. Teams were faced with a series of challenges, ranging from designing predictive models to optimizing algorithms to developing AI applications to solve real-world problems. Each challenge was carefully crafted to test participants’ technical skills while encouraging creative thinking and problem-solving. It was also an opportunity for participants to build relationships, exchange ideas, and network within the emerging AI community in Morocco.

The hackathon culminated with the announcement of the winners, where three teams stood out for their innovative projects. Tensor Titans from the Faculty of Sciences Ibn Tofail Kénitra claimed the first place with their project “Lmaghrib-BinYedik,” a solution aiming to address the lack of information and guidance for Moroccan tourists by highlighting the rich cultural heritage of Morocco.

Ultimately, the “Think AI Morocco” hackathon exceeded expectations, not only in terms of participation and project quality but also in terms of its impact on the AI community in Morocco. It demonstrated the immense potential of Moroccan youth talent in the field of AI and strengthened Morocco’s position as an emerging hub of technological innovation in North Africa. This not only demonstrates the exceptional talent and dedication of the students of Ibn Tofail University but also shows the university’s commitment to fostering innovation and addressing real-world challenges through interdisciplinary collaboration and cutting-edge research in fields such as artificial intelligence.

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